Lips are having a moment. Both in terms of PMU and filler. Yet this is more than a trend. Care and attention to our lips is the icing on the cake, the finishing touches to our beautiful enhancements.

Ladies and gents both want a full pout, juicy and pumped up lips which can be achieved through the permanent make up technique (similar to lip tattoo) and also fillers. As always this depends on you, your face and your lifestyle but Emma is on hand to guide and advise on what she thinks is best for you.


So whether you choose PMU lip liner, lip colour or filler, be lip fabulous ready for fun. Make up looks better with full lips, kisses feel better, taste jucier.

Everyone is plumping their lips- get yours done NATURALLY, SAFELY & PROFESSIONALLY.

Don’t be scared, be beautiful. Be enhanced.

Wake up beautiful!!


Lip PMU Clinic:
Lip Liner

Lip PMU Clinic:
Lip Colour


Lip Filler:

Proceedure / pre care

Emma meets everyone at her warm, welcoming home so you can see her working surroundings for a free consultation and required patch test for the Topical Anaesthetic Creams and pigment. She will then discuss the process and check what results you are looking to achieve.


Full after care advise is given to each client, with a leaflet and cream to take home to make sure you receive the best results. The aftercare is one of the most important parts of the process for you to heal with beautiful, long lasting results. Different results will be achieved depending on skin type, lifestyle etc but again you will be given different aftercare where necessary. *And use the info off whatsapp images