Make up is such a major factor in our aesthetic appearance these days, and the innovation in technology has only served to provide us with more opportunities and options than ever before. And with Emma’s Eyes PMU, rushing to perfect that oh so tricky liner with a shaky had or in a rush, can be a thing of the past. Wake up beautiful!


 Let’s get your peepers sparkling with the variety of permanent make up Emma provides to enhance your eyes, the shape, the lashes…and your overall natural beauty.


Permanent Eyeliner both on the upper and lower of the eye, is a popular part of Emma’s PMU clinic. More and more clients are asking Emma to create feline flicks, or even just a base line on which to build any further eye make up.


Emma has got loads of colours to choose from so why stick to just black!

But as we say, different pigments can be used depending on the nature of the results you are looking for.


Emma uses a machine like a tattoo machine, however the needle is extremely fine for minimum discomfort. This is such a popular procedure due to the immediate effect the eyeliner has on opening your eyes, and therefore the windows to your soul!

Eyeliner 1.jpg


Wake up beautiful with lifted lashes!

Do you want to wake up to perfect lifted & tinted lashes? We do!

A really lovely technique in which your eyelashes have a perm solution applied to them so within an hour you have beautiful sweeping lashes framing your sparkling eyes.

Results lasts 4-6 weeks so are absolutely ideal for holidays- no waterproof mascara needed, just amazing lashes everyday!