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About Us

We are: Beautiful Enhancements by Emma

Emma Hazeldene PMU is a certified and award-winning Permanent Makeup Industry professional with one goal in mind, the well being of her clientele. She believes that everybody deserves to feel great about the way they look, and her variety of services is suitable for every need. She offers affordable, safe and painless treatments suitable for everybody over the age of 18. Emma has trained with some of the best training providers in the industry and only uses industry approved, state of the art technologies. it will be a pleasure to meet, please get in touch today to arrange a free consultation at Emma's home salon where she will be happy to discuss everything with you.

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The PMU Clinic: from Beautiful Enhancements

So we talk about ‘cosmetic procedures’ and ‘permanent make up,’ but what actually is it and what is the difference?

Permanent Makeup (often abbreviated to PMU) is akin to a tattoo although not permanent forever; it will always be in the skin but fades over time so an annual boost is sometimes required after the initial 2 appointments.


The PMU Clinic from Emma at Beautiful Enhancements incorporates all the powder/ ombre brows, eyeliner- both top and bottom and eyelash enhancements for eyes. Lip PMU includes lip liner, lip blush or a full lip colour.


So! we do PMU for: brows, eyes and lips!


Some clients will find that they can last 2 - 3 years before the pigment will start to fade completely. 


Because Emma is skilfully implanting pigment into the skin, maintenance is required as there will always be something there under the skin. Her skills set and years of training and knowledge allow Emma to know what pigments and needles need to be used to get the best overall results…for YOU.


Different pigments can be used depending on the nature of the results you are looking for.


For example, in-organic pigment can be used on more apprehensive clients who may not want the make up on the brows, eyeliner or lips, to last as long so that a touch up may be required after 12 months but more chance of fading sooner.


For confident clients wanting a longer lasting and dramatic look, then organic pigments are used. So if you aren’t ready to commit to just one look, then inorganic pigments are used.

Just to let you know, cosmetic procedures can describe non-surgical treatments such as botox and fillers. And microblading is different still as a blade is used whereas with PMU we use a needle.

We are: Qualified Professionals and caring human beings!


Once upon a time, Emma wanted to try out permanent make up procedures, yet this turned out to be anything but a happy ending due to the various and poor levels of service and with very little information given. Emma vowed to prioritise quality service at an affordable price and additionally always does a consultation so each client is fully aware of what to expect and no matter who walks through the door, each person will get the same level of service.

Emma’s journey has now led to her to being a highly trained technician having trained under ProQual, an internationally recognised qualification for Microblading and Semi Permanent Makeup and has an excellent trainer for ongoing support and training. Being fully qualified, insured and licenced, she will be more than happy to show you her certificates as well as previous examples of her work. All equipment and tools are properly sterilised; needles are always brand new, sterilised, and unopened. All products after use are disposed of for complete safety in a sharp’s container as per clinical guidelines. Disposable aprons and gloves are used for each new patient and the treatment area is always clean & sterile. Emma has a Certificate from her local council to offer her treatments from home and has a professional waste disposal company to dispose of the waste safely.

From being in the industry for so long, as well as an extensive background in business and marketing, Emma has great relationships throughout the beauty and PMU sector, including many make up artists bringing many years of combined knowledge. Emma is proud to be part of a group called the PMU Circle where there are master trainers giving monthly training- and these are the best in the industry from all over the world and she also undertakes regular face to face and online training courses. So you are most definitely in the safest pair of hands!!


So not just an extensive knowledge and impeccable qualifications in the PMU world, Emma only uses the highest quality products.. All stock is ordered from the most reputable UK distributors and Emma does regular training to make sure she is at the top of her game at all time, constantly striving for perfection so that YOU can too.

What sets us apart from the many number of similar practitioners? The warmth of the owner Emma; Emma will meet everyone face to face and is there to advise, consult or offer services to clients who have had work elsewhere.

In this case Emma is also well versed in the practice of Salt & Saline. This is a removal session which will lighten the area rather than having a more invasive laser treatment. The healing process can be a little longer but will have better results but can be discussed on a case by case basis.

 Feel reassured, excited and wait for your cosmetic dreams to come true!


Owner Emma adds:

“Hey ladies! Welcome to Beautiful Enhancements. I am looking forward to having a chat with you about what treatments you are thinking about and will welcome you into my home salon when you are ready. I will even have a cuppa with you before and we can discuss any concerns and desires, and get your natural beauty tweaked and enhanced to how YOU want it. Get your treatments and PMU that you deserve and see you soon!”